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ArtWorks added to Regional Planning Committee

One of the primary goals in creating Triangle ArtWorks was to create a platform for the arts and design community to come together as a business community. Creating a center for this community, with a central organization, creates an entity that can represent the community in regional business and economic efforts – someone to sit at the table that represents the whole industry and not just one particular business or organization. We are thrilled to say that we are already serving in this role.

Triangle ArtWorks is now participating as an Advisory Committee member in the NC Tomorrow Initiative.  This statewide effort is being run locally by Triangle J Council of Governments, a group bringing together leaders from the 7 counties in the Triangle Region to work on issues relevant to the region.

NC Tomorrow is  “a statewide initiative to help regions in North Carolina address the new economic development challenges facing our communities today. Led by the N.C. Association of Regional Councils, the goal is to create a more uniform approach to economic development planning across the state. During 2012, each of the 16 North Carolina Regional Councils, including the Triangle J Council of Governments, will work to produce a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy. When these strategies are completed, the N.C. Association of Regional Councils will begin the process of consolidating the regional strategies into one state-wide strategy aimed at spurring economic development and job growth throughout the state.”

Prior to Triangle ArtWorks placement on the Advisory Committee, there was no arts/design industry representation in this important planning effort for our region.  By participating on this Committee, we can make sure the interest of the arts and design industry are considered and will be able to bring back to you any information learned in this effort that may affect your work.

We are thrilled to be able to serve in this capacity and for ArtWorks to begin fulfilling this part of its Mission!


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