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Triangle ArtWorks Director Elected to AFTA Private Sector Council

We are thrilled to announce that our Executive Director, Beth Yerxa, has been elected to the Americans for the Arts (AFTA) Private Sector Council. AFTA is the leading organization for advancing the arts and arts education in America and Private Sector Council members advise Americans for the Arts’ staff on developing programs and services that will build a deeper connection to the field and the network membership. As part of the Private Sector Council, Yerxa will also work with fellow arts leaders to develop and implement private-sector advocacy programs and serve as leaders to other local arts agencies seeking to connect with the private sector.


Private Sector Council members of a tour of the Wynwood Arts District in Miami.

“Americans for the Arts strives to cultivate the next generation of arts leaders in America, and I am pleased to welcome Beth Yerxa to our advisory council,” said Robert L. Lynch, president and CEO of Americans for the Arts. “These leaders are willing to dedicate their time and expertise to work with peers across the country to shape national programs and messages and help craft services for states, communities, and local organizations”.

Private Sector mtg Miami notes

Brainstorming notes from the Council meeting (w/ a view of Miami!)

This position also provides Triangle ArtWorks a unique opportunity to deepen relationships we already have with other arts leaders around the Country and not only keep up with, but be a part of affecting changing trends in the arts around the country.  This knowledge and access will help Yerxa and Triangle ArtWorks advise Triangle arts leaders, as well as serve the Triangle arts community better. Directors of arts organizations from Miami/Dade, Nashville, Philadelphia, San Francisco and many other cities and towns are represented on the Council.

In January, Yerxa participated in her first Private Sector meeting, where she was briefed on changing trends in arts, such as the CREATE Act.  She also provided input into the discussion about the changing field of arts support and the role of the arts and culture segment in the larger “creative economy” and tp talk about the work that Triangle ArtWorks is doing to support this business segment here in the Triangle.



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ArtWorks Kicks-off Legal Practicum Series

Do you work in the arts and have questions about copyright? Trademark? Taxes? Contracts? Business law?  Are you tired of attending “legal issues in the arts” talks and going home with more questions and no tools to help you? Stock photo of man w: question mark

Members of our new Law + ArtWorks group were tired of giving those talks too. So they have designed a series of workshops, or Practicums, that will provide hands-on targeted learning for the arts community.  These monthly workshops will have limited enrollment, allowing attendees to learn from each other, as well as the Practicum facilitators.

Practicums will take place the Second Tuesday of each month from 4-6 p.m at the Frontier. The program will kick-off in March with a Practicum on copyright for visual artists with local attorney to the creative community, Pamela Chestek.

Here’s a look at the first three months of Practicums:

March 10 – Copyright Registration for Visual Artists: This first Practicum session is for visual artists (drawing, jewelry, painting, sculpture, printmaking, stained glass, surface design). Local attorneys Pamela Chestek and Ed Timberlake will walk attendees through the process of submitting a copyright application form to register one of their works. Find more information and instructions on what you need to bring on the registration page. Click here to register.

April 14 – Visual Artist Contracts – Brian Sullivan of Wyrick Robbins leads a workshop on contracts for visual artists.  This Practicum will help attendees learn how to read and interpret contract terms, what to look for, and how different terms may affect business and their rights to their work.

May 12  – Copyright Registration for Authors – Continuing the copyright registration series, this session is for authors of written works.

Practicums will costs $15.  Register here for the March 10 Practium.  Watch our social media or sign up for our email to receive notice of future Practicums.

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You Are Invited! – ArtWorks Open House on January 21


It’s a New Year and we have a New Office and a New Partner

So we are inviting the ENTIRE TRIANGLE ARTS COMMUNITY in to see our new space and help us celebrate!

We are creating a space to bring the Triangle arts community together and kicking it off with an Open House on Wednesday, January 21. Join us at The Frontier from 4-7pm to tour the space, learn more about Triangle ArtWorks and our work, and socialize with other members of the Triangle arts industry.

Arts Now
will be there taking pictures, engaging with social media and creating some fun! They are an engaging media platform that works to give the Triangle more access to the abundance of artist in the Triangle.  Check them out here.

Representatives of other organizations that serve the arts business community will also be on hand to provide information on their services. And we will be taking your input on future programs and services, as well as ideas for our new partnership with Research Triangle Foundation.

This is the first time that the entire Triangle arts community, for-profit and non-profit, individuals and groups, all disciplines, have been invited to come together as a community.

Don’t miss this event! Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the future of the Triangle Region and the Triangle arts industry!

The Open House is FREE, but registration is necessary. Directions and registration are here

More about ArtWorks New Space at the Frontier


A Central Space for ArtWorks and the Arts Community

On January 5, 2015, Triangle ArtWorks moved into an office in The Frontier at 800 Park Offices Drive in Research Triangle Park.  The Frontier is the first building in Research Triangle Foundation’s (RTF) new Park Center concept.  RTF envisions The Frontier as a space where people can gather, network, and innovate across boundaries – a perfect place for Triangle ArtWorks.

As a practical matter, this location provides ArtWorks an office that is central in the Triangle, making it easier for staff to serve the arts industry in all five counties of the Triangle.  It also allows us to have a central location for meetings and events, that can be more easily accessed by artists from all sides of the Triangle, which has been a challenge, to this point, for us and our work.

New Resources and Opportunities

This move gives us more than just a great location.  As part of this move, ArtWorks has begun working collaboratively with RTF to develop methods to bring the Research Triangle Park community together with the Triangle arts community to expand and ignite the work of both.  The Research Triangle Park is an important component of what makes the Triangle an amazing place to live and work.  RTF has spent the last year working to reinvent RTP for the future, and is looking to create new spaces and places, such as Park Center and the Frontier, but also wants to start doing things in a different way.


The window of the main lobby of the Frontier sums up RTF’s goals for the space.

As part of their underlying beliefs, RTF states “We are dreamers, believers, planners and creators. We imagine what the world could be and then roll up our sleeves and make it so. This is where ideas are nurtured; where we’re free to look out over the horizon and dream big; where asking, “What if…” is the norm.”  We at Triangle ArtWorks know that this is what artists do every day. So bringing the RTP community and the arts community together just makes sense.

Part of Triangle ArtWorks mission is to create new resources and opportunities for the Triangle arts community as an industry group. ArtWorks research into community needs show that the arts community needs new venues to perform and show their work, they need more opportunities to expand their work and to discover new ways of approaching their work, and they need to reach new audiences.  They also need more opportunities to come together as a group, or by arts discipline or interest, to learn, network and share resources.

Through our new office location and our partnership with RTF, we will not only have a place to bring the community together, we will be able to work with RTF to create opportunities to, for lack of a better word, SMASH the Triangle arts community and the RTP tech/biotech/engineering community together and see what new things happen.  We have lots of ideas and plans for programs and events that would allow these groups to network, work together, support each other and take both communities in new directions. There are model programs globally for such work, but the Triangle region should be a leader in this work. We can’t wait to get started and look forward to your participating in this work!

Have questions? Want to learn more? Want to get involved? Email us!

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Why we created Triangle ArtWorks.

TAW_square_tagHave you ever wondered why Triangle ArtWorks was created?  Why we need this new regional arts nonprofit?  Read on….


The State of the Arts in the Triangle:

We all know the situation.  The Triangle’s growth in the last 20 years has been exponential.  The Triangle’s arts community is strong, diverse and nationally recognized.  There are also lots of studies out there that show the HUGE economic impact of arts on the Triangle, but this is my current favorite.

Basically what this this slide says is that, when it comes to creative industries, the Triangle is killing it.

So, we can assume that the Triangle treats the creative industry, as a group, with the same respect and support of other industry segments…right?

Well, not exactly. While it is true that, as a region, we love our arts community. We have strong arts commissions and support organizations, grant programs, amazing festivals…all growing every year. But it is not enough. The Triangle has become a large thriving region and the arts are part of what makes it great.  Arts and creative industries are primarily small or micro businesses, sole proprietors or nonprofit organizations. Many struggle to make ends meet. They have specialized business needs and many tend not to think of themselves as a business group because they are so independent and unique.

Unlike other industry segments, such as health care,  lawyers or real estate, there was no central organization looking at the “big picture” for the arts community as a group in this Region.  There needed to be an easier way for these businesses to connect to resources that already exist and to each other. And there needed to be someone looking at  ways the community could work together to work better and more cost effectively.  Where there are gaps in resources, there needed to be someone to pull the necessary parties together to fill these gaps. And it needed to be easier to keep up with news, job openings, and political changes that may affect their work. Without a central source, it takes too much time. But perhaps most importantly, this industry needs a way to come together to advocate for things that affect their industry and a way for the arts community to be “at the table” in local and regional business efforts and to come together for advocacy.

This is not a new idea.  Other cities and regions that the Triangle competes with are ahead of us in this type of arts support.  Look at these organizations in PhiladelphiaSt. PaulMiamiAtlanta and Austin,  to see what type of work is being done, and financially supported, in other parts of the county.  These areas have separate arts councils that work on granting, community art projects and other programs on behalf of the City, but these organizations highlighted are directly serving their artist communities as business communities.

So we created Triangle ArtWorks.

What does Triangle Artworks do?

Triangle ArtWorks envisions an arts industry in the Triangle that is Recognized and Valued as a vital business segment and Supported with sufficient resources to continue to be strong, diverse and sustainable. We are creating a platform and network to connect and support this community. This infrastructure helps us act as a convener and work collaboratively to support this community more cost effectively. By making the arts industry stronger, we make the Triangle a better place to live and work.


Our programs, so far, include:

  • A robust website and social media presence.
  • ArtWorks Partners” – a growing network of organizations and businesses helping to expand the reach of our platform, as well as a broad-based Advisory Board.
  • A dynamic Triangle Emerging Arts Leaders group who come together at least once a month for networking, education or other events.
  • Work with UNC Law School and area economic and downtown development and arts leaders to create a Pop-Up Tool-Kit to facilitate engagement of empty commercial spaces for arts programs and events.
  • Ongoing work to convene regional theaters to discuss ways that industry can work together.
  • Work with partners to fill arts business educational voids, such as an art entrepreneurship boot camp and “Practicum” workshops on simple business issues.
  • Advisor, connector and convener between economic development and greater business communities and the arts community.
  • (To see a complete list of our work as of December 2013, see here.)


ArtWorks has created an online hub of resources and news and a social media presence which are becoming essential tools for this business community. But this platform has a broader purpose. The arts industry has a significant impact on the Triangle’s economy and quality of life. But the community is comprised largely of nonprofits, small businesses and sole proprietors, so is often overlooked as a business group and lacked a method to stay informed or to have a powerful voice in local or regional decision making efforts. Bringing them together, keeping them informed, and facilitating communication, empowers this community to work together to advocate for community needs and increases civic engagement. This is an innovative way to enable the arts to support themselves as an industry, with ArtWorks providing the glue to bring them together.


As the first organization of its kind in the State, ArtWorks is creating a totally innovative platform to support the arts in a cost-effective, collaborative way. Working cooperatively with local partners has allowed us to create programs that are already benefiting the Region, despite minimal funding and volunteer staff. Creating this collaborative central infrastructure will allow us to serve the arts community and the Triangle as a convener to get input on and address community needs, which will help the community thrive and adapt to challenges and opportunities. We work with current organizations and businesses to coordinate and streamline regional arts promotion, networking, education and other activities that support this economic segment. A stronger arts community is an important part of building a stronger Triangle Region.


We want you to be part of our Community!

So far, Triangle ArtWorks is operated entirely by volunteers.  We receive only limited private funding.  The fact that we have built this platform and network, and created these programs, with only limited support is a testament to our role as convener and our ability to work with partners across the Region to create needed programs for the Triangle.

But we have reached the capacity of our volunteer organization.  To be able to continue to serve this community, we need paid committed staff, as well as expertise to help us take this organization to the next level of financial and organizational sustainability.  We need the community’s help to do this.

Make a Donation.  If you need more information or want to set up a meeting, contact us.  Want to volunteer?  We need lots of help on both big and small projects.  Contact us!

Help us get the word out.  Invite us to speak in front of your group.  Host an ArtWorks creative meet-up.  We need to spread the word about the resources and programs we offer to the arts business community and the impact we are having on the Triangle.

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