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Call to Action for the Arts before 6/16 – Wake County

We have just received the following Call to Action from Arts NC:

Thank you for being a part of our action network!

Both the House and the Senate have appointed Conferees who will resolve differences in the two budgets. (The House budget included a $500,000 increase for Grassroots Arts Program as allocate by the North Carolina Arts Council. The Senate budget did not concur with the House.)

We now have a final opportunity–
and a real one–to encourage House Representatives to hold firm to their recommendation and for the Senate members to agree. Arts funding will be an issue in the Conference process. The game could go either way. It depends on what you are willing to do.

Sen. Chad Barefoot, Rep. Chris Malone & Rep. Marilyn Avila of Wake County…
…hold very important positions in the upcoming Conference process. We are counting on arts advocates to contact their key General Assembly member and help us secure the Grassroots Arts funding increase.

If you know these legislators personally, please place a telephone call and talk to the Legislative Assistant or leave your name on their message machine.
Sen Chad Barefoot: (919) 715-3036
Rep. Chris Malone: (919) 715-3010
​Rep: Marilyn Avila: (919) 733-5530

If you do NOT know these legislators personally,

Please drop a short, hard copy letter in the mail by noon on Thursday, June 16.

Sen Chad Barefoot: 300 N. Salisbury Street, Rm. 308, Raleigh, NC 27603-5925

Rep. Chris Malone: 300 N. Salisbury Street, Rm. 603, Raleigh, NC 27603-5925

Rep: Marilyn Avila: 16 West Jones Street, Rm. 2217, Raleigh, NC 27601-1096
Make the letters short but personal, such as:

Congratulations on your appointment to the Conference Committee for the 2016-2017 State Budget. As a citizen of your district, I am asking that you hold firm to the House recommendation of a $500,000 increase for Grassroots Arts as allocated by the North Carolina Arts Council (or to your Senator…please concur with the House recommendation of a $500,000 increase for Grassroots Arts as allocated by the North Carolina Arts Council). Over 650 organizations in all 100 counties will benefit and 3.5 million citizens will be served by this remarkably efficient and effective grant program.

(Please conclude your written communications with a short paragraph about what the increase would mean in your county. This is important because we do not want the Legislator to think your communications are a form letter. Always end with a sentence of gratitude for their service.)

Thank you for your dedicated service to the citizens of North Carolina.

And please send an email to Arts NC at this address if you receive a response.

What’s at stake?

A resounding response to this Call to Action could have a major impact on the arts where you live. Wake County currently receives $203,047 in Grassroots Arts funding. The $500,000 increase would bring that amount to $244,422.
Take action no later than noon on Thursday, June 16.

Thank you, advocate!

Karen Wells
Executive Director


Learn more about the background of these issues on Arts NC’s Arts Advocacy page.

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Behind the Scenes @ ArtWorks – Cindy Honickman & ArtWorks Board

This month, we are opening the doors and inviting everyone in to see behind the scenes at Triangle ArtWorks. Meet the people that helped us get off the ground in 2010 and those working hard today to keep us running. Learn why they are giving their time and talents to build this Organization to support you – the Triangle Arts Community.   Then support their work with a Donation to Triangle ArtWorks

Cindy Honickman


14f7b44Cindy Honickman is the local owner of WAKA Kickball & Social Sports and joined the Triangle ArtWorks team with a strong background in marketing, public relations, and event planning. She has helped the team with email marketing strategy and website editing, and has even conducted wordpress training for other volunteers.

Why are you willing to give your time/talents to support Triangle ArtWorks

“As a small business owner, there are certain times throughout the year when I have more free time available in my schedule. During these periods, I enjoy giving my time to non-profits where I really feel a connection to their mission.

Why do you think that Triangle ArtWorks is important for the Triangle arts community and the Triangle itself. 

“Through WAKA, I am building a community of young professionals and those young at heart who want to enjoy sports, explore local businesses and events, and grow their social circles. Triangle ArtWorks is building a community of people in the arts industry who can support one another in their endeavors. Everyone involved needs a different kind of help from knowing where art can be showcased, to getting the word out about classes or even just learning how to meet the right people. Triangle ArtWorks is reaching out and connecting these people to the right resources. I am very proud to work with an organization that is shaping the community in such an impactful way, one artist at a time.”

ArtWorks Board of Directors


Beth Yerxa, Director, with members of the Boards External Committee – Reed Colver, Brian Starkey, Andrea Mia and Melanie Stoer.


ArtWorks was built 5 years ago by volunteers and still run entirely by volunteers. This year, Triangle ArtWorks received a capacity building grant from Duke Energy to begin the work to move us beyond our “all-volunteer” status.  The Duke grant has enabled us to bring on expert guidance from local consultant, Maggie Clay Love.  But its ArtWorks current Board of Directors that is rising to the challenge and doing what’s needed to move this Organization to the next level … through lots of meetings, hard work and strategic thinking.  We are incredibly grateful to have such a strong and committed Board of Directors guiding us through this important year.  Thanks to them all.

So many volunteers are working hard to make the Triangle’s arts community stronger.  Please support their work with a donation.  This week, your donation will be doubled in our Matching Challenge! DONATE HERE!

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Why we created Triangle ArtWorks.

TAW_square_tagHave you ever wondered why Triangle ArtWorks was created?  Why we need this new regional arts nonprofit?  Read on….


The State of the Arts in the Triangle:

We all know the situation.  The Triangle’s growth in the last 20 years has been exponential.  The Triangle’s arts community is strong, diverse and nationally recognized.  There are also lots of studies out there that show the HUGE economic impact of arts on the Triangle, but this is my current favorite.

Basically what this this slide says is that, when it comes to creative industries, the Triangle is killing it.

So, we can assume that the Triangle treats the creative industry, as a group, with the same respect and support of other industry segments…right?

Well, not exactly. While it is true that, as a region, we love our arts community. We have strong arts commissions and support organizations, grant programs, amazing festivals…all growing every year. But it is not enough. The Triangle has become a large thriving region and the arts are part of what makes it great.  Arts and creative industries are primarily small or micro businesses, sole proprietors or nonprofit organizations. Many struggle to make ends meet. They have specialized business needs and many tend not to think of themselves as a business group because they are so independent and unique.

Unlike other industry segments, such as health care,  lawyers or real estate, there was no central organization looking at the “big picture” for the arts community as a group in this Region.  There needed to be an easier way for these businesses to connect to resources that already exist and to each other. And there needed to be someone looking at  ways the community could work together to work better and more cost effectively.  Where there are gaps in resources, there needed to be someone to pull the necessary parties together to fill these gaps. And it needed to be easier to keep up with news, job openings, and political changes that may affect their work. Without a central source, it takes too much time. But perhaps most importantly, this industry needs a way to come together to advocate for things that affect their industry and a way for the arts community to be “at the table” in local and regional business efforts and to come together for advocacy.

This is not a new idea.  Other cities and regions that the Triangle competes with are ahead of us in this type of arts support.  Look at these organizations in PhiladelphiaSt. PaulMiamiAtlanta and Austin,  to see what type of work is being done, and financially supported, in other parts of the county.  These areas have separate arts councils that work on granting, community art projects and other programs on behalf of the City, but these organizations highlighted are directly serving their artist communities as business communities.

So we created Triangle ArtWorks.

What does Triangle Artworks do?

Triangle ArtWorks envisions an arts industry in the Triangle that is Recognized and Valued as a vital business segment and Supported with sufficient resources to continue to be strong, diverse and sustainable. We are creating a platform and network to connect and support this community. This infrastructure helps us act as a convener and work collaboratively to support this community more cost effectively. By making the arts industry stronger, we make the Triangle a better place to live and work.


Our programs, so far, include:

  • A robust website and social media presence.
  • ArtWorks Partners” – a growing network of organizations and businesses helping to expand the reach of our platform, as well as a broad-based Advisory Board.
  • A dynamic Triangle Emerging Arts Leaders group who come together at least once a month for networking, education or other events.
  • Work with UNC Law School and area economic and downtown development and arts leaders to create a Pop-Up Tool-Kit to facilitate engagement of empty commercial spaces for arts programs and events.
  • Ongoing work to convene regional theaters to discuss ways that industry can work together.
  • Work with partners to fill arts business educational voids, such as an art entrepreneurship boot camp and “Practicum” workshops on simple business issues.
  • Advisor, connector and convener between economic development and greater business communities and the arts community.
  • (To see a complete list of our work as of December 2013, see here.)


ArtWorks has created an online hub of resources and news and a social media presence which are becoming essential tools for this business community. But this platform has a broader purpose. The arts industry has a significant impact on the Triangle’s economy and quality of life. But the community is comprised largely of nonprofits, small businesses and sole proprietors, so is often overlooked as a business group and lacked a method to stay informed or to have a powerful voice in local or regional decision making efforts. Bringing them together, keeping them informed, and facilitating communication, empowers this community to work together to advocate for community needs and increases civic engagement. This is an innovative way to enable the arts to support themselves as an industry, with ArtWorks providing the glue to bring them together.


As the first organization of its kind in the State, ArtWorks is creating a totally innovative platform to support the arts in a cost-effective, collaborative way. Working cooperatively with local partners has allowed us to create programs that are already benefiting the Region, despite minimal funding and volunteer staff. Creating this collaborative central infrastructure will allow us to serve the arts community and the Triangle as a convener to get input on and address community needs, which will help the community thrive and adapt to challenges and opportunities. We work with current organizations and businesses to coordinate and streamline regional arts promotion, networking, education and other activities that support this economic segment. A stronger arts community is an important part of building a stronger Triangle Region.


We want you to be part of our Community!

So far, Triangle ArtWorks is operated entirely by volunteers.  We receive only limited private funding.  The fact that we have built this platform and network, and created these programs, with only limited support is a testament to our role as convener and our ability to work with partners across the Region to create needed programs for the Triangle.

But we have reached the capacity of our volunteer organization.  To be able to continue to serve this community, we need paid committed staff, as well as expertise to help us take this organization to the next level of financial and organizational sustainability.  We need the community’s help to do this.

Make a Donation.  If you need more information or want to set up a meeting, contact us.  Want to volunteer?  We need lots of help on both big and small projects.  Contact us!

Help us get the word out.  Invite us to speak in front of your group.  Host an ArtWorks creative meet-up.  We need to spread the word about the resources and programs we offer to the arts business community and the impact we are having on the Triangle.

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