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Trademark Guide added to ArtWorks legal resources.

Every wondered what it takes to protect your trademark?  Starting a business and want to know how to pick a good trademark?  ArtWorks has just added an excellent resource tool to its Legal section under Artist Resources: “An Essential Guide to Trademark Protection“.

Eric Stevens, a lawyer in Poyner Spruill’s Entertainment Law Section wrote the book. As he says,

In my practice, I have found that people make some common mistakes when they are adopting trademarks that lead to serious problems that could have been prevented if they knew some basic facts about trademark law.   For instance, if you adopt a trademark that “merely describes” the product or service being offered under that mark, you do not have immediate trademark protection available.  On the other hand, if you adopt a trademark that is “suggestive,” meaning that the mark suggests, but does not directly describe, some aspect or quality of your product or service, then immediate protection is available (so long as someone else has not already adopted the mark).  This book is a simple primer intended to give people and businesses the tools to avoid those simple mistakes and thereby avoid unnecessary headaches.

p.s.: Poyner Spruill LLPEric and his partner, Jim O’Brien who is also a member of Poyner Spruill’s Entertainment Law Section, are members of ArtWorks Law Committee. Thanks to Eric and Poyner Spruill for letting us make this book easily available to our community.

ArtWorks Law committee is working to collect and create more legal resources to load on the site. What legals areas should we be sure to cover?


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