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More than a Fashion Show – A New Direction for Redress Raleigh

Redress Raleigh 2015

A collection by Artemis Clothing Co. featuring no-waste patternmaking on the runway at Lincoln Theatre at the Redress 2015 Fashion Show


By Beth Stewart
Redress Raleigh, Executive Director

Most well known for planning one of the area’s most highly-anticipated annual fashion shows, Redress Raleigh has always been dedicated to our mission of nurturing independent designers. This year, we’ve become an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit and are launching a renewed mission to include a greater focus on designer education, as well as advocacy to broaden public understanding of sustainable fashion and textiles and inspire support for the designers who make them.


Increased support for emerging designersRedress_2016DesignerAnnouncement_Graphic copy_1

In order to nurture promising independent designers, Redress’ accepted designers will now be taking part in an educational and mentorship program as part of their participation in the show. This experience will provide them with invaluable knowledge and exposure as well as connections to industry players such as manufacturers, media, and boutique owners – all of which are essential as they grow their businesses as designers.

Advocating sustainable fashion

In addition, we are working with other environmental groups to bring to the forefront the idea that apparel comes from the earth and is made by someone – encouraging more responsible purchasing habits among the general public. With this twofold mission, we intend to increase the market for responsibly-produced goods while at the same time increasing the support system for independent fashion designers.

_RNE1715Redress 2015 Spring Fashion Show_N,2015_Raleigh_NC_ErnestoSue

Beth Stewart addressing attendees of the 2015 Redress Ecofashion and Textiles Conference

Redress will continue growing our capacity to support independent designers through many different avenues – planning future educational programs focused on specific methods of sustainable design, hosting socials for anyone interested in the creative community and staging public advocacy events that draw people’s focus to sustainability in the fashion industry. Redress’ exciting new direction will benefit emerging fashion and textiles designers in the area while at the same time expanding Raleigh’s local, authentic fashion scene. As Raleigh’s reputation for fashion and design grows, the local economy benefits, creating jobs for manufacturers and other people involved in the fashion supply chain. Our ultimate goal is to make Raleigh a national leader in sustainable fashion.

For more information about Redress Raleigh and our work, check out our website.

Currently serving as Executive Director of Redress Raleigh, Beth Stewart engages with people to create new mindsets about fashion and encourages them to #GiveADamn through their own personal style. As a passionate advocate for a more environmentally and ethically minded fashion and textiles industry, she loves finding new ecochic designers to support and questioning the status quo of apparel production. A strong believer that we all have a responsibility to make the world a better place, she also volunteers with organizations working with individuals with special needs or helping alleviate hunger.


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