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ArtWorks Kicks-off Legal Practicum Series

Do you work in the arts and have questions about copyright? Trademark? Taxes? Contracts? Business law?  Are you tired of attending “legal issues in the arts” talks and going home with more questions and no tools to help you? Stock photo of man w: question mark

Members of our new Law + ArtWorks group were tired of giving those talks too. So they have designed a series of workshops, or Practicums, that will provide hands-on targeted learning for the arts community.  These monthly workshops will have limited enrollment, allowing attendees to learn from each other, as well as the Practicum facilitators.

Practicums will take place the Second Tuesday of each month from 4-6 p.m at the Frontier. The program will kick-off in March with a Practicum on copyright for visual artists with local attorney to the creative community, Pamela Chestek.

Here’s a look at the first three months of Practicums:

March 10 – Copyright Registration for Visual Artists: This first Practicum session is for visual artists (drawing, jewelry, painting, sculpture, printmaking, stained glass, surface design). Local attorneys Pamela Chestek and Ed Timberlake will walk attendees through the process of submitting a copyright application form to register one of their works. Find more information and instructions on what you need to bring on the registration page. Click here to register.

April 14 – Visual Artist Contracts – Brian Sullivan of Wyrick Robbins leads a workshop on contracts for visual artists.  This Practicum will help attendees learn how to read and interpret contract terms, what to look for, and how different terms may affect business and their rights to their work.

May 12  – Copyright Registration for Authors – Continuing the copyright registration series, this session is for authors of written works.

Practicums will costs $15.  Register here for the March 10 Practium.  Watch our social media or sign up for our email to receive notice of future Practicums.

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