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Hunt Library – A Disneyland for creativity

By Sarah Dellana, ArtWorks Intern

Stepping through the doors of the Hunt Library, you will think “the future is here!” At least, that was the sentiment shared by many excited students during Hunt Library’s January opening. The library is a spectacle, with a state-of-the-art sustainable building design, over 1,800 seating options, and cutting edge technology that evoke images from science-fiction stories. The library was created to give NC State students a competitive advantage, but luckily, it’s open to community members as well. So what does this Disneyland for creative adults have to offer? Here is a list of some of the resources available at the Hunt library:

One of the many state of the art learning labs at Hunt.

-The Institute for Emerging Issues (I.E.I): a “think and do tank” that works to convene people around complex issues facing the State. Found on the second floor of the library, it features interactive touch screens where people can share their ideas and add it into a database.  (You can also get involved online).

-The Full Immersion Theater: a place to present art exhibits, films, ect. Just plug in your computer and your work will show up on a 7×16 foot display wall. Space should be reserved ahead of time.

-Design and Study Space: complete with printers, copiers, laminators, microfiche readers

-The Game Lab: catering to gamers of all types, this lab has an enormous screen on which to play video games, a control bridge modeled after Star-Trek, and adjustable window tint levels for privacy.

-Teaching and Visualization Lab: create artificial environments using technology. This room could possibly be described as something close to a virtual reality chamber, where visual and audio interactive scenes can be designed and viewed on a screen that covers 270 degrees of wall space.

-The 3D Printer: design 3D objects on one of the provided computers and watch it take form in front of you. The 3D Printer transforms your designs into tangible objects made of EBS plastic.

Sarah Dellana talks to the administrator of the 3D printer.

-Media Production Room: complete with electronic keyboards, turntables, and other curious devices, this is a place where you can make your own videos and musical recordings.

-Creativity Studio: a room full of projectors and movable panels allows you to hook up your computer and project pictures and scenes at any angle.

-TheBookBot (electronically operated book stacks) and Techlending:  These are  not available to the general public, but you can access them by becoming a Friend of the Library, which involves a donation and a $50 annual membership fee to the NCSU Libraries.

Yes, this is a spot in the Hunt Library.


The labs and other resources are only available for use by students, faculty or staff of NCSU, but the library is a place that lends itself to creative thinking and innovation. It is an amazing new resource for the NCSU Community and the Triangle. Words cannot do this place justice, go and explore for yourself!  More information and details can be found here.

Sarah Dellana is our new Marketing Intern here at TriangleArtWorks. She is a junior in Business Administration at North Carolina State University, minoring in English and International Studies.  She is also an art enthusiast, and values creativity in her professional and personal endeavors.



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