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Big Changes to Statewide Arts in the Budget

Thanks to the statewide Advocacy group, Arts NC, for this update on how the newly passed 2017/2017 Biennieum Budget affects how the arts are funded and regulated across the state.  To get the information out to you quickly, I attach the contents of their latest email, in totality, below:


Newly Formed Department of Natural and Cultural Resources

Did You Feel the Earth Shift?

When Governor McCrory signed the 2015-2017 Budget into law last week, the Department of Cultural Resources was merged with programs from Natural Resources to become the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. Secretary Susan Kluttz, thankfully, remains in charge.

What does this mean for the arts? Frankly, we don’t know. We have been assured that “nothing will change”. But we want change. We have long been positioning our arts agenda to become a priority with our Governor and Legislature and to ensure increases in public support.

To that end, the budget contains an additional $1,015,422 in the two year budget to support Grassroots Arts increases ($300,000 total) and A+ Schools ($715,422). Thanks to your amazing work as advocates, this represents the first increase (6.5%) the North Carolina Arts Council has received for program support in the past eight years.

Please note that not all departments received increases, and many saw additional cuts. Advocates, be proud of your informed, effective, and passionate work that has helped make arts support a priority with the Legislature!

Department of Natural
and Cultural Resources

To realize the historic shift in Cultural Resources you just have to consider the magnitude of programs that have been incorporated into the newly formed department: State Parks, the Zoo, The Aquariums, The Museum of Natural Science, Grassroots Science Museums, Historic Preservation, and Clean Water Management Trust Fund.

The Numbers:
2015-2016 Cultural Resources $64,231,047
2016-2017 Natural and Cultural Resources $169,289,403
The Logical Conclusion:

The non-profit arts sector in North Carolina must respond to these changes with a corresponding increase in advocacy for public value and position. Our voices must be louder, clearer, more informed, more passionate, more strategic, more organized, more consistent, and more effective. Remember the national slogan, Art Asks for More? Yes we do.

We will work to keep you informed as news progresses.  You can also follow Arts NC on Facebook or twitter, or check out their website Action Center for more information.



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