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Call to Action – June 7 @ 7pm – Support Raleigh Arts Funding


Its once again time to show up and stand up for the Arts.

If you live in Raleigh and work in or just support the Arts community, the Raleigh Arts Commission needs you.  Its time to start to implement the Raleigh Arts Plan and the Raleigh Arts Commission is asking the City Council for increased funding at Council’s budget meeting TOMORROW NIGHT!


Here is some specific information about how you can help from Nancy Novell, Raleigh Arts Commission Chair.

Funding the arts plan will kick-start the plan’s top five priorities, ensuring the entire community is included in the arts and included in enriching the identity of Raleigh.

  1. Create neighborhood arts programs
  2. Build capacity for ADA accessibility, cultural equity and audience
  3. Increase quality and quantity of public art and accelerate its
    appearance across the city
  4. Design arts marketing and community resources
  5. Grow arts partner (grant) programs

How can you help? 


Attend the Budget Hearing

Please attend the City’s budget hearing on Tuesday, June
7th at 7pm in the City Council Chamber.  Join the crowd and stand
when called upon to show your support for the arts. Please help spread the

Email the Mayor and City Council

Send an email message to the Mayor and City Council members showing your support. Messages should be short – quick and easy to read! Here’s some basic info, feel free to personalize:

Subject Line: Support for Arts Funding

I encourage you to increase arts funding to support the Raleigh Arts Plan:

    Coordinator ($60,000)
  • INCREASE PER CAPITA: $.50 – $.75 to support implementation of the
    Raleigh Arts Plan

Here are the email addresses:  

Mayor:, cc: MayorStaff <>
City Council: and cc: – It
will get to everyone.

On behalf of the Arts Commission, many, many thanks for your passion and
dedication and sharing your love of the arts. Your hard work is reflected in
making Raleigh so creative, inviting, exciting, unique and THE BEST!! 

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Behind the Scenes @ ArtWorks -> Nancy Novell

This month, we are opening the doors and inviting everyone in to see behind the scenes at Triangle ArtWorks. Meet the people that helped us get off the ground in 2010 and those working hard today to keep us running.  Learn why they are giving their time and talents to build this Organization to support you – the Triangle Arts Community.

Nancy Novell


Nancy Novell, a local potter, is currently Chair of the Raleigh Arts Commission and has long been very involved in the arts in Raleigh.   Nancy believed in Triangle ArtWorks from the beginning.  When ArtWorks began in 2010, she was a Founding Board member. She was one of the volunteers who stepped up to help with the huge task of research and writing to load the website.  As a Founding Board member, she also was involved in developing our initial Strategic Plan and a player in building the Organization you see today.


Nancy Novell in front of a painting by Bob Rankin at the Little Art Gallery in Cameron Village, where she also works a few afternoons a week.


Why were/are you willing to give your time/talents to support Triangle ArtWorks.

Triangle Artworks was and continues to be quite a large undertaking. In the beginning, I was able to jump right in as we were reaching out, community by community, organization by organization, to determine the scope of what was already available and happening in all areas of the arts in the Triangle region. Working with the Board on collating information, determining the brand, and creating the website were all positive steps toward visualizing a coordinated Triangle-wide creative community.

Why do you think that Triangle ArtWorks is important for the Triangle arts community and the Triangle itself.

Serving as a collaborative arts resource for the Triangle’s creative community can strengthen and enhance all that the arts are and do in each individual community. Triangle ArtWorks has the vision to work holistically and bring all things arts related to one accessible clearinghouse.

Join Nancy Novell and others in supporting Triangle ArtWorks!  Make a donation to support our work to build capacity in the Organization. Find out more about this work here.

Donate here.

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