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Triangle film community needs leaders.

Triangle Film Society event at Trailblazer Studios

Nene Kalu, after participating in FilmSpark 2009 and missing the community she experienced there, founded the Triangle Film Society.  Its most recent event, hosted by Trailblazer Studios, was well attended and alive with conversation and networking.   It is clear from the overwhelming response to the TFS events that there is a strong need for networking and support in this discipline in the Triangle.

Today, I am turning over my blog to Nene Kalu:

The film community in the Triangle is beyond any community in the Triangle that I have been a part of. Although nearly all within the community maintain a day job, there is always someone willing to pitch in for an interesting project or to crew a seemingly insignificant short film. What makes the film community here special is that people are willing to put aside their own ambitions in order to help others achieve theirs. As far as I know, there is no backbiting or backstabbing, no jealousy or simmering discord as is likely to happen within small creative communities. Rather, people who care about film and media here lend a helping hand on projects and support the greater good.

I have seen filmmakers and media professionals establish friendships and working relationships with each other through the variety of film meet up groups in the area. Additionally, great independent works have been allowed to circulate and enrich the wider Triangle community. Having a vibrant creative base in a growing metropolitan area such as our own should not be underestimated. I think that the bevy of talented and passionate filmmakers in the Triangle have contributed to this new creative class, nurturing its growth and spearheading its influence.

Triangle Film Society founder, Nene Kalu (photo by Teri Saylor)

Triangle Film Society founder, Nene Kalu (photo by Teri Saylor)

In order to protect the treasure that is the Triangle film community, individuals who make film, distribute film, or crew for film need to rise up to the task of leadership. Right now, there is no one to lead SparkCon’s filmSPARK 2011. Many film groups, including the Triangle Film Society, cannot and will not continue without leaders who are willing to give of their time and skills. If you care about preserving the creative film talent that has been fostered here in the Triangle, please consider leading an initiative — filmSPARK, Triangle Film Society, etc. Not only will you be doing a great service to your community, but you will also help bring out the depths of talent and ingenuity found in the features, short films, and documentaries of our area’s outstanding filmmakers.

If you want to get involved in filmSpark, the interest meeting will take place on March 16, 7pm at Morning Times in Raleigh. If you have questions about filmSpark, email Sarah Corpron at Visual Art Exchange.  If you want to learn more about Triangle Film Society, contact Nene Kalu.

Have something to say to the Triangle Creative Community?  Email me at

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