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Revitalizing through Arts – Downtown Raleigh Alliance Annual Meeting Focuses on Arts

 Every year, the Downtown Raleigh Alliance hosts an Annual Meeting to highlight the latest accomplishments in downtown Raleigh development and rally the troops around a theme for another year of foreword movement.  This year’s event, “Revitalizing Through Arts” takes place on Wednesday, February 13, with networking starting at 5pm and dinner at 6pm. More info

This is always a fun event, with lots of surprises and a big crowd. However, this year, it is important that we in the arts industry need to make a point to attend, as the event will be “celebrating individuals, businesses, and organizations whose contributions are making significant impact on the revitalization of the city center”  Triangle ArtWorks and many Raleigh arts organizations are partnering with and being recognized by DRA on this event.

Why should you attend this event if you are an arts/creative based business in Raleigh?

1.  The speaker – Jason Schupbach is Director of Design at the National Endowment for the Arts and will be speaking on how arts work to improve communities and the people that live in them.  He has an amazing background working in arts and urban and economic development. It is always energizing and thought provoking to hear from a speaker who has a more national view, to gain ideas and strategies for our work here in the Triangle.

2.  Networking – This event will be heavily attended by business, economic development and arts leaders.  You simply need to be in that mix.

3.  Because the Arts as an Industry Matters/One – If Triangle ArtWorks is “about” anything, it is “about” the proposition that arts/creative businesses ARE real businesses. They are not niceties.  They are not hobbies.  The visual/performing arts and creative industies as an industry segment are the focus of our work.  In our opinion it is THE most important business segment in our region.  Not only do businesses in this segment make money, pay taxes and employ people like other businesses, but they create a ripple effect of economic impact out to other business AND they make this region a more vibrant and exciting place that people want to live and work and that companies want to relocate.

ArtWorks is working to assure that this community is supported like the strong business community it is.  But it is important that the community act like a strong business community too.  We need to get out and be seen, network with people from other business segments to create relationships and market our work and idea  and to get ideas how to work better.  Attending a major downtown business meeting, such as the DRA Annual meeting, is part of that.

4.  Because the Arts Industry Matters/Two – The DRA is recognizing the importance of our business community by making the arts the focus of this meeting.  They are celebrating us and recognizing us!  Lets show up on numbers and celebrate!

4.  We Get a Discount – Until January 30, if you use the word ARTS when you purchase your ticket and get $10.00 off.

So, join me and the rest of DRA’s partners in this event, on the evening of February 13.  Let’s celebrate the arts business!



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