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Pleiades Gallery opens in Durham’s Five Points

by Brandon Cordrey

If you’ve spent time in the Five Points area of downtown Durham in the past month, you may have noticed some curious activities inside the glass storefront of 109 East Chapel Hill Street. This very contemporary space will soon house a new fine art gallery, the newest adventure of entrepreneurs Renee Leverty and Kimberly Wheaton. After having mulled identical ideas over individually, they teamed up while working together at the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts. Both thought downtown Durham needed a fine art gallery whose main purpose would be to promote artists and sell their work. Read More

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Sound Pure opens storefront in Durham

by Brandon Cordrey

Sound Pure is the Triangle’s newest independent music store. Since 2000 their online store has been selling high-quality equipment to musicians around the world. The new storefront marks the company’s newest chapter and strengthens their continued commitment to the local music community. Sound Pure recently purchased the Raleigh music store Indoor Storm as well as the vacant building next to their preexisting one on Washington Street in downtown Durham in order to provide even more services to their clientele. Read More

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The Triangle Arts Community is Gathering in March!!

Daniel Bernard Romain tells his story of why "Arts Matter" at last year's Statewide Arts Summit.

Why do the Arts Matter?  What do they have to do with business and economic development in the Triangle?   When people ask you this….do you have a good answer?  A good story to tell?

Want to spend an afternoon surrounded by people from all arts and design disciplines from across the Triangle, networking and sharing stories of the power and impact of the arts?

Then come to the Triangle Arts Summit on March 14! Read More

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Groundworkk – How $5 Can Empower the Arts Community

By Amy Saltmarsh

There is a new method in the  Triangle to raise money for your creative idea. groundworkk is a monthly social event that connects local entrepreneurs, artists, and (for the evening) venture capitalists. On the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, a crowd pays a $5 door fee and gathers at a pre-selected venue (Raleigh’s Longview Center, the HUB Raleigh, Tir Na Nog, and Durham’s Mercury Studios, to name a few). From 6:30 to 8:30pm the crowd enjoy presentations, networking, and a light cocktail hour. Presentations start at 7:00 and presenters are given four minutes to pitch their creative ideas and projects to the audience. Each presentation is followed by six minutes of audience led Q&A. After the pitches, attendees enjoy food prepared by a local chef and then, it’s time to vote! At 8:30pm votes are tallied and the winner is announced. The winner is awarded the evening’s earnings via the ever symbolic mason jar.  Read More

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NC State Begins Offering Arts Entrepreneurship Minor

by Sarah Endaya

While the idea that the arts are an important business community is not a new idea, supporting them like one is.  NC State has recently taken a significant step in that direction by recognizing and training emerging arts entrepreneurs.  In the Spring semester of 2012, NC State began offering a minor in Arts Entrepreneurship. The program at NC State is one of only three such programs offered in the country and the only one that is offered campus wide.

Dr. Gary Beckman developed the Arts Entrepreneurship Minor program for NC State.

Read More

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Help shape the future of the arts in Garner on April 23.

Do you live in Garner?  Do you have ideas for how the Town can be more supportive of its arts community and more welcoming to artists of all disciplines?

The  Garner Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department and Garner Revitalization Association are working together to create a Town that is more supportive to artists and provides more of what they need to succeed; and to promote collaboration between the arts community and the rest of Garner’s business community. Read More

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These population demographics may surprise you….

What will our region's population look like in 10 years?

UPDATE!!  Mitch Silver will be presenting his “Understanding Trends – Planning for the Future” talk on August 14 at Fuquay-Varina Community Center (Click for More info).  

Mitch Silver, City of Raleigh’s Planning Director (and husband of ArtWorks awesome Board member, Mary Silver!) is currently traveling the country, talking about  what the results of the 2010 Census tell us. As President of the American Planning Association, Silver is mostly talking to city planners and economic development people around the Country. But the information is important for people in all business areas to know. Read More

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Will Chapel Hill’s future be vibrant? Here’s how to have your say –

Do you live in Chapel HIll?

Does Chapel Hill need more businesses like FRANK Gallery?

Do you wish that the Town was more supportive of the arts?   Is there more the Town could be doing to create an environment that is more supportive of arts-based and other creative businesses?  Do you want more arts programming or educational opportunities?

Do you think that a more vibrant and diverse arts community is key to Chapel Hill’s economic growth and livability?  Studies show that members of the “creative class” – that group of innovative thinkers that are creating and working in innovative businesses that many see as crucial to our region’s future – want to live in a place that has a vibrant and diverse arts community. What can be done to attract them to Chapel Hill? Read More

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New Legal Resources added to Site.

Do you have a business idea and don’t know where to start?  Do you have a creative idea that you want to protect?  Do you even know where to start to look into these issues?

L-R, UNC Law Students Eric Roehling, Amanda Gladin-Kramer, David Kirby.

Well, Triangle ArtWorks is here to help. A great team of law students from UNC Law School’s Pro Bono Program has scoured the internet for you and pulled together a list of the best resources and links they could find on the issues of business form and copyright. Although these resource pages are not a substitute for legal advice and CERTAINLY should not be used as such, they are a good place to start.  We have done that first search for you, saving you the time of searching the internet and wasting time on irrelevant sites. Read More

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Mystery Build – New Triangle company fosters creativity, by limiting it.

2011 Grand Prize winner - Puff the Magic Dragon by Amy Sawyer

Everyone knows it’s a tough time to make a living in the arts. Raleigh-based artists Jeremy Maronpot and Roger Flake have come up with a unique business model based on the idea that having limited resources does not limit possibilities.  In fact, limited resources can be a source of inspiration.

Roger says they came up with the idea for Mystery Build while working on a stop motion animation project. “Stop motion animation is a very tedious process. You really have a lot of time to talk about what else you could be doing. We were listening to a story on NPR about American ingenuity and the ability to create something from nothing, and we had just received a kit in the mail for a puppet armature. It was just a box of hundreds of loose parts. We thought ‘You could make anything out of this.’” Read More

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