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The business side of your art – learn how to do it better.

Alex Lehmann talks about tax issues affecting arts businesses at a recent Artists Night at VAE.

If you are a visual artist that sells your work or wants to sell your work, then you run a business. Part of Triangle ArtWorks mission is to help visual artists (as well as artist in other disciplines) have better access to the tools they need to be more financially successful. One such tool is education -ways to learn how to run a better arts based business and make more money doing it.

If you follow us on social media (twitter, Facebook) you know ArtWorks will keep you informed about all the educational opportunities that we know about.  But there is a great opportunity coming up that we want to bring special attention to.

Visual Art Exchange, a local organization that has tons of great programs to support visual artists in the Triangle will present Business of Being an Artist on April 21.  VAE presents this lecture series twice a year.  This year, the program covers the following topics:

Finding Exhibition Opportunities & Presentation

  • Panel Discussion: What are galleries looking for?
  • Portfolios and why you need one!
  • Resources: finding exhibition opportunities.
  • Framing your artwork.

Broadening Your Art Business:

  • Teaching workshops: Is this a good option for you?
  • Etsy: getting started.
  • Free websites.

Marketing and Self-Promotion

  • Panel Discussion: Self-promotion for working artists.

I have participated in BOBAA before and it is always a wonderful, engaging program and well-attended.  I am particularly excited this year, as I will be moderating the panel on Arts Marketing, and have lined up some panelists with varied and extensive experience in marketing themselves and others.  So far, the panelist include, Kim Wiess of Blueplate PR; visual artist Heather Gordon of Golden Belt; and visual artist/cartoonist, Paul Freidrich.  I know these people have some great stories to tell of marketing successes (and failures) to learn from, as well as tips and tools.

So, come join me, and VAE on April 21.  And learn how to be a better business.


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