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Help ArtWorks Connect This Community – Be a Partner!

Triangle ArtWorks mission is to connect, support, promote and advocate for the visual and performing arts and creative industry in the Triangle. We are creating a center point and a platform for this community to be supported AS AN INDUSTRY.  This platform and network makes it easier for this community to act as a business community, and also makes it easier for other segments of the business community to connect with the Triangle arts and creative industry as an industry group.  ArtWorks will be able to use the platform and network to keep the community, as a whole, informed about issues that affect their businesses and to “sit at the table” for this community in economic development and other regional efforts, such as we are already doing with NC Tomorrow.

ArtWorks brings the disciplines together at its recent Durham Mixer.

To build this platform, we need help. We need to create a Network of Partner businesses and organizations that believe in the power of the arts and creative industry and believe in what Triangle Artworks is doing and want to be a part of this work.

Who can be an ArtWorks Partner?

If you are a member of the visual and performing arts and creative industry in the Triangle, both for profit or non-profit, then you can be an ArtWorks Partner. If you are not a member of this industry, but understand the important role that this industry plays in our Region’s economy and quality of life and, therefore, want to support this industry, we also welcome you as a Partner. ArtWorks Partners will connect through ArtWorks to create a powerful and valuable network for this industry.

Triangle Emerging Arts Leaders Group, organized by ArtWorks, brings together arts leaders for networking, learning and fun.


What will Partners Do?

Triangle ArtWorks simply cannot build this community network alone. ArtWorks will stand in the center as a clearing house, a convener and a center point. But there need to “spokes on the wheel” leading out from ArtWorks into the community.   When you become an ArtWorks Partner, you are saying “Yes! We understand what ArtWorks is doing and we are IN!”

Specifically, ArtWorks Partners agree to support the ArtWorks’ mission in the following ways:

  • Advise ArtWorks of any job openings, networking or educational opportunities, or other news of interest to the community, so that it can keep the regional community informed and help community members be more successful.
  • Help ArtWorks spread the word regarding issues affecting the regional arts community, including advocacy issues, as they apply to your discipline or specific community.
  • Promoting Triangle ArtWorks and its Partner Network by including a link on their website, displaying your Partner decal in your storefront or other visible place, and through any communication tools you have, with content created by you or provided by ArtWorks.
  • Help promote and/or attend ArtWorks programs and events.

    NC Tomorrow

    Triangle ArtWorks is representing the Triangle arts and creative industry on the Advisory Committee for NC Tomorrow.

Our Partner Network will become the backbone for our work in bringing this Community together and supporting it.  Specifically, we will be working to:


  • Connect the arts industry to each other and the rest of the business community
  • Inform members of the arts industry about local, national issues and opportunities
  • Create programs to strengthen the arts/creative community
  • Support knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • Promote the Triangle arts industry.

By making the arts and creative industry in the Triangle even more successful, we make the Triangle an even better place to live, work and locate a business. Join us in this important work!

To become a Partner, read and sign the Partner Agreement here.

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