Triangle ArtWorks Partnership Agreement

As an ArtWorks NetWork Partner, we believe that:

  • The Research Triangle is one of the most creative regions in the country.
  • The arts and design community in the Triangle is a big part of what makes this Region a place where people want to live, work and raise a family, and start or relocate businesses.
  • The arts and design community are a crucial economic segment in this Region that helps elevate the overall economic health of the area.
  • Making the arts and design community work and act like other business communities in the Triangle, will allow it to have a stronger voice in regional issues, be more financially sustainable, and allow it to interact with other business groups more easily and effectively.
  • Creating a central organization to coordinate support, communication, promotion and advocacy for this community is an important tool for the future of the community and the Triangle as a whole.

Therefore, as an ArtWorks Partner, we agree to support the mission of the Organization in the following ways:

  • Including Triangle ArtWorks through a link on our website, as well as promotion through all other marketing materials – i.e. any blogs, newsletters, social media or other communications tools.
  • Advise ArtWorks of any job openings, networking or educational opportunities, or news of interest to the community, so that it can keep the regional community informed and help community members be more successful.
  •  Help ArtWorks spread the word regarding issues affecting the regional arts community, as they apply to your discipline or specific community, including possible advocacy issues regarding community response.
  • Help promote and/or attend ArtWorks programs and events.
  • Support the mission of Triangle ArtWorks.

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