Triangle ArtWorks Directories – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Triangle ArtWorks?

Triangle ArtWorks is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization building a central platform and community network to support the visual and performing arts and creative community across the five-county Triangle region of North Carolina  in a new, more business-centric way. Get more information about Triangle ArtWorks programs HERE or contact us at

What are the Triangle ArtWorks Directories?

The Directories consists of two sections of the Triangle ArtWorks website: The ARTS DIRECTORY, a list of arts-related organizations in the five-county Triangle region of North Carolina, and ARTIST RESOURCES DIRECTORY, a list of businesses, service organizations and information sources for artists and arts-related organizations. The information in these sections was compiled by volunteers from public sources.

Is there any charge to be listed in the Triangle ArtWorks Directories?

No, there is no charge to be included in the Directories. The Directories have been compiled and are maintained as a service to the Triangle arts community, as part of the overall mission of Triangle ArtWorks.

What is included in the ARTS DIRECTORY?

The ARTS DIRECTORY consists of thirteen subcategories shown below. Within each subcategory is a list of entities with descriptive and contact information, including a website link where available.

  • Art Schools & Classes
  • Arts Support Organizations (cross-discipline, by city)
  • Art Galleries
  • Art Museums
  • Art Support Organizations (discipline based)
  • Dance Groups
  • Festivals, art walks, and other regular events
  • Film Resources, Festivals and Series
  • Music Directory
  • Literary Groups/Resources
  • Presenting Organizations
  • Theater Listings
  • Visual Arts Studios, Collectives and Guilds

What is included in the ARTIST RESOURCES section?

The ARTIST RESOURCES DIRECTORY section consists of twelve subcategories shown below. Within each subcategory is a list of businesses, service providers and information sources useful to the arts community.

  • Advocacy Resources
  • Business Resources
  • Arts in Schools
  • Creative Services (Marketing, Finance, Legal, etc.)
  • Economic Impact of Arts Industry in the Triangle – Statistics
  • Grants – State / regional granting organizations
  • Health Care
  • Legal – Copyright, Trademark, and Patent
  • Arts Media
  • Record Labels
  • Maker Spaces/Craft facilities
  • Recording Studios

How does my organization or business get listed in the Directories?

First, check where your business or organization is already included. If it is included, please check the listing and let us know if any updates are needed. Send update requests to

If your organization or business is not already listed, send the following information to

  • Name
  • Subcategory in which you wish to be included (see lists above)
  • Brief description (use existing listings for similar organizations or businesses as a guide)
  • Street address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website address