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The Triangle Comics Creator Network Supporting Comic Writers and Artists in the Triangle

The Triangle Comics Creator Network is a community of writers and artists who gather regularly to support each other in the creation of comics and graphic novels, whether we are seasons professionals or just starting out. Gatherings include unstructured hangouts, workshops, group outings, and more. Comic-adjacent folks – critics, publishers, illustrators, etc. – are welcome! TCCN is a collaboration of Durham County Library and Chapel Hill Public Library. More

New South Manufactory Fills Void in Design Community.


David Brown in part of the production facility.

By Teona McCain

On September 1, 2015 New South Manufactory swung its doors open to the public. Though they have been open for just over a month, this new company is already impacting the fashion and design community in the Triangle –  filling a longstanding gap in production.

David Brown decided to start New South after trying to keep production in the States for his own apparel brand.  The cost and hassle of sending his products overseas or even across the country was more than someone starting off could afford and he realized many of his peers in the local fashion industry were having the same problem. Brown thought “What if we do this in house?” and New South was born.


Christina Shipman – New South’s Production Director.

New South describes itself as a “niche sewn products manufacturing facility”.  They can take a simple idea and turn it into a full-blown product, from start to finish. Services include making 2-dimensional patterns from an idea,  creating prototypes from a design and creating samples for test marketing.  They can also accomodate Micro-Production (runs as small as 20 units) Small Production and Regular Units.  Both small and regular production consists of cut, sewn, trim, and pack for units from 250-1000 units to production over 1000 units.  Find out more about their services here.

Brown wants his company to be a space for creative minds across the board and to add a new avenue of business for the arts community. He has found a way to bring creativity to numbers.  For more information or to contact New South, check out their website.

TJ McCain is a senior at UNCW and an intern at Triangle ArtWorks. She is a jack of all trades and has a passion for The Arts.

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Revitalizing through Arts – Downtown Raleigh Alliance Annual Meeting Focuses on Arts

 Every year, the Downtown Raleigh Alliance hosts an Annual Meeting to highlight the latest accomplishments in downtown Raleigh development and rally the troops around a theme for another year of foreword movement.  This year’s event, “Revitalizing Through Arts” takes place on Wednesday, February 13, with networking starting at 5pm and dinner at 6pm. More info

This is always a fun event, with lots of surprises and a big crowd. However, this year, it is important that we in the arts industry need to make a point to attend, as the event will be “celebrating individuals, businesses, and organizations whose contributions are making significant impact on the revitalization of the city center”  Triangle ArtWorks and many Raleigh arts organizations are partnering with and being recognized by DRA on this event.

Why should you attend this event if you are an arts/creative based business in Raleigh?

1.  The speaker – Jason Schupbach is Director of Design at the National Endowment for the Arts and will be speaking on how arts work to improve communities and the people that live in them.  He has an amazing background working in arts and urban and economic development. It is always energizing and thought provoking to hear from a speaker who has a more national view, to gain ideas and strategies for our work here in the Triangle.

2.  Networking – This event will be heavily attended by business, economic development and arts leaders.  You simply need to be in that mix.

3.  Because the Arts as an Industry Matters/One – If Triangle ArtWorks is “about” anything, it is “about” the proposition that arts/creative businesses ARE real businesses. They are not niceties.  They are not hobbies.  The visual/performing arts and creative industies as an industry segment are the focus of our work.  In our opinion it is THE most important business segment in our region.  Not only do businesses in this segment make money, pay taxes and employ people like other businesses, but they create a ripple effect of economic impact out to other business AND they make this region a more vibrant and exciting place that people want to live and work and that companies want to relocate.

ArtWorks is working to assure that this community is supported like the strong business community it is.  But it is important that the community act like a strong business community too.  We need to get out and be seen, network with people from other business segments to create relationships and market our work and idea  and to get ideas how to work better.  Attending a major downtown business meeting, such as the DRA Annual meeting, is part of that.

4.  Because the Arts Industry Matters/Two – The DRA is recognizing the importance of our business community by making the arts the focus of this meeting.  They are celebrating us and recognizing us!  Lets show up on numbers and celebrate!

4.  We Get a Discount – Until January 30, if you use the word ARTS when you purchase your ticket and get $10.00 off.

So, join me and the rest of DRA’s partners in this event, on the evening of February 13.  Let’s celebrate the arts business!



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Durham Storefront Project -Supporting artists and the community

People gather to view the installations at Bargain Furniture.

Three things are apparent when walking through downtown Durham – the architecture is beautiful, the people are friendly, yet the buildings often look empty. Beginning on November 19th, Durham residents will see an unusual change– dynamic storefront art installations filling some of these underutilized spaces.

Where many people saw window shades, the Durham Storefront Project saw opportunity. Organizers Jess Moore and Chris Chinchar, who worked together on the Community Portrait of Durham, have been working on the project since last August, when then first brought together interested artists and businesses for a meeting at Scrap Exchange. Fast forward to today and working with Durham Arts Council, and building owners, and downtown businesses, the group is launching 14 art installations throughout downtown Durham.  The idea began with an emphasis on re-energizing and beautifying Durham using art and creativity as a driver for growth. Through these Pop-Up Art installations, artists receive public exhibition space, businesses see an increase in sidewalk traffic and the community gains free access to art.

Meg Stein installing "Flight" at the Teermark Building.

The Durham Storefront Project’s celebratory, creative installations feature an array of artistic styles and visions by local artists.  Loaf, at 111 Parrish Street, will host the work of Jackie MacLeod and Renee Leverty, who collaborated on a custom-made metal installation inspired by a 1953 photograph of the building. Gracelee Lawrence created a new sculptural work for the window of Center Studio Architecture. At the Bargain Furniture Building, Cici Stevens transformed the east window, creating a contemplative installation related to the ideas of home and shelter, and Officer Stacey L. Kirby brings a LIVE interactive performance of The Declaration Project to the west window. Although launching during Art Walk weekend, most installations will remain visible until January 2, 2012.

One important result of the project is the relationship that is built between the artist and the business owner.  One artist, Parasol B remarked, “I feel very fortunate to be participating in the Durham Storefront Project for a couple of reasons. I was paired up .up with business owner David Scarborough of Net Friends/SciMed. He and the folks at his office have been very helpful, soflexible and excited about this project. David has been operating his businesses on Main Street for a number of years and has watched and helped as downtown Durham revives and grows. Now he’s helping to make the urban landscape more interesting.”

People participate in Stacey Kirby's "Declaration Project" at Bargain Furniture.

Artist Gracelee Lawrence’s installation is in the window of Center Studio Architecture. “Working with Center Studio was absolutely wonderful. They were enthusiastic and incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. …  I wanted to create an installation that truly used the space and asked the viewer to consider the architectural elements of the windows as well as the sculptural elements of the steel and twine. It was very important to me that I create a piece that had to be a site specific installation, deeply influenced by the space. For me that is the jump between sculpture to installation, the necessity for a particular space. The process was both exciting and frustrating. Steel triangles laden with twine would much rather lie on the floor than suspend neatly from the ceiling!”

Cici Stevens installation at Holland Bros. Building

For more information on the artists and businesses involved, including LIVE happenings,visit If you have an idea for a storefront installation, send them an e-mail.

And, of course, through this project, both the businesses and the public can see for themselves how art can transform an area and create vibrancy where before there was only empty space.  Using these spaces for art installations, performances, and other “pop-up” creative uses, such as temporary galleries and craft shops is a great way of adding to the available arts venues, while also making the neighborhood more active and exciting.

Over the next year, Triangle Artworks will be looking for ways to make it easier for business owners and artists of all disciplines to use empty or non-traditional spaces.  We are researching the issue, and will be talking to groups, such as Durham Storefront Project, who have successfully used such spaces, with an eye to preparing a “Pop-Up Toolkit”, which will provide tools and tips for both artists and property owners. If you have successfully used non-traditional space for either performance or visual art, or are a property owner interested in allowing your space to be transformed, temporarily by artists, send us and email.




Raleigh Launch Event This Friday at VAE!!

Come on out and find out more about ArtWorks and meet other people from the Triangle arts community!  We will be hosting our Raleigh Launch event this Friday (First Friday!), August 6, from 6-9 at the Visual Art Exchange, 325 Blake Street in City Market.

Food, Drinks, Fun and Community!