Creating a Centerpoint for the Triangle Arts Community

Since its launch in 2010, ArtWorks initial focus has been to build an online and “in real life” community platform and network to be the backbone of our future work in the Region.  This central platform and network makes it easier for members of the Triangle arts community to get the news, resources and information they need to do business, and creates a better way for this community to communicate.  Our platform includes our strong social media presence, newsletter, and the most complete and up-to-date directory of arts groups and resources in the Region.  This platform has become a business tool relied upon by the Triangle arts community, as well as the broader economic development and business population.

Convener and Connector

Triangle ArtWorks central platform makes it easier for the Triangle arts community to network, learn, connect and collaborate.  We work with other discipline groups and arts service organizations, as well as small business and economic development organizations, to create and promote opportunities for interaction between artists, both in specific disciplines and cross-discipline, and between the arts community and the broader business community.

We are the only organization looking at the “big picture” for the regional arts community. By being in the center, working with all disciplines and across the Region, we can see strengths and weaknesses, new ideas and redundancies. Our central infrastructure allows us to serve as a convener to get input on and address community needs. Because we are not aligned to any specific group or discipline, but only working for the good of the community as a whole, we can pull partners to the table and get things done.

A great example of ArtWorks’s ability to convene the regional arts community is our current work on behalf of the Triangle’s theater community. That community reached out to us to convene and facilitate a discussion on how the regional theater community can work together better. At present, despite the size and strength of the theater community, there is only minimal cooperation or communication. Working with a task force from that community, we created a regional theater list, surveyed the community, convened a successful regional discussion and are now overseeing four working groups that are addressing issues identified at that convening. We are also hosting regular networking events for the Theater community.

Business Resource

Due to our “big picture” view and our cross-discipline and cross-region connections, Triangle ArtWorks is also a resource for the broader business and economic development community to facilitate connections and collaborations with the arts industry.  We work directly with downtown development and economic development leaders to help them strategize art-based solutions to their needs, then use our platform and network to help them connect to (and hire!) artists.  A great example of this work is the Pop-up Tool-Kit, which was created with input from the development and the arts community, and has resulted in pop-up programs and projects across the Region.  We also keep up with the latest national trends, as well as state and regional efforts, and this knowledge benefits the arts industry as well as economic development interests.

To see the impact we are having on the Region, check out  Testimonials from the community we serve.