Pop-Up Tool Kit

Do you own a property and want to host an arts event or performance?

Have an empty space that would benefit from new traffic and “buzz”?

Do you or your arts group need a place to show work, perform, hold an event?

A Pop-Up art event could be your answer!

Triangle downtown development and arts council leaders helped us design and roll out the Tool-Kit.

Triangle downtown development and arts council leaders helped us design and roll out the Tool-Kit.

What is a Pop-Up?

A Pop-Up is any type of temporary event that occurs in either an empty space or a space primarily used for another purpose.   A group of artists host a temporary show in an empty storefront.  A music/theater/slam poetry group has a weekend of shows at night in an office lobby, unused second floor space or empty building.  An unused strip mall becomes a holiday market for artists and artisans. While increasing the number of possible venues for arts events, Pop-Ups also bring new traffic and vitality to empty properties and even active business spaces.

But how do you start?

How do you decide if a pop-up is right for you? How do venues find arts groups and arts groups find venues? And then once you have a venue and artist/arts group together, how can you make sure that you have thought through possible issues up front?  Use Triangle ArtWorks Pop-Up Tool Kit!

What is in the Tool-Kit? How do I use it?

Triangle ArtWorks worked with UNC Law Pro Bono program to research how and why people are doing “Pop-Up” events, and then interviewed  property owners and arts groups throughout the Triangle that have already been involved in Pop-Ups.  We learned tips for getting a pop-up started and identified issues that may come up along the way.  Now, you get to save time and effort by using the Tool-Kit to help guide you through.

The Tool Kit has two parts – The first is a “Beginner’s Guide” for both the artist/arts group and the property owner, to take you step by step through the things you should consider before approaching the other party, and then provides tips on making the connection. The second part is an “Agreement Tips and Tools” including a Checklist for the parties to put between them when talking about the partnership, so that they will not overlook details and allow the process to go more smoothly.

How do I get a copy?

Its simple, email us and we will send you the PDF!   Also use this email for any questions about the Tool-Kit.

Will it cost me anything?

Inside the Triangle Area – If you are in the Triangle, there is no charge.  Triangle ArtWorks is a nonprofit organization serving the arts industry in the Triangle region.  Working on programs, like this one, that make it easier for this community to work and thrive is what we do.  (Of course, if you would like to make a donation, that would be appreciated and help us build further programs!)

Outside the Triangle area – There will be a charge of $75 to obtain the Tool-Kit for use outside the Triangle. You will be asked to pay this amount through Paypal or by check before you can receive the PDF.  If you need an invoice from us, just let us know!

Keep us posted!

Triangle ArtWorks wants to track projects created with use of our Tool-Kit.  So, keep us posted as you work through these projects.  This information and feedback will help us make future editions of the Tool-Kit better, and enable us to show the impact of these projects on our Region and the impact of Triangle ArtWorks work.   So, keep us in the loop!

Beth Yerxa
Executive Director