Health Care

The issue of availability of affordable health care for the creative community, many of whom are self-employed or own small businesses, is an important one to Triangle ArtWorks.  If you have ideas, resources, or want to help work on this issue, contact us at our email.

Local Resources:

Alliance Medical Ministry – Alliance is a faith-led medical ministry serving the working uninsured in need of affordable health care. Alliance has a full range of services they offer to residents of Wake County who are either employed or live with a family member who is employed, are 18 years or older, and have no health insurance. Through their Primary Care doctors and pharmacy services, they can help to keep medical expenses for uninsured individuals to a minimum.

Capital Care Collaborative – The CCC, a program of the Wake County Medical Society, was formed in April 2006. This collaborative allows CCC members to provide medical care in a coordinated fashion for the low-income community while facilitating ongoing communication, coordination of services, assessment of community health needs, identification of priorities, and initiation of working partnerships among providers. The CCC’s goals are to increase access to medical care for the uninsured, improve quality of care and assess and respond to community health needs.  The CCC provides a great List of Wake County Health Care Resources for the Uninsured.

Partnership for a Healthy Durham – The Partnership for a Healthy Durham is a coalition of local organizations and community members with the goal of collaboratively improving the physical, mental, and social health and well-being of Durham’s residents. The Partnership has its own staff, as well as a great list of low or no-cost health care resources for Durham County.

National Resources: 

Actors Fund/AHIRC – Another national organization that is working hard on this issue is the Actor’s Fund.   As stated on its website, the Actor’s Fund is a “a nonprofit, nationwide human services organization providing programs that support the unique, essential needs of all who work in entertainment and the performing arts”  Through its program, the Artists’ Health Insurance Resource Center (AHIRC),  the Actor’s Fund provides  ”an up-to-date, comprehensive and unbiased database of health care resources for artists, performers, freelancers and the self-employed.” – Online portal by the Federal Government, with tons of information about health care.  The site has a great tool for looking for health care options by state.

HINT – Health Insurance Navigation Tool – This resource, from the The Future of Music Coalition, provides online information, as well as the opportunity to talk to a health insurance expert by phone FREE of charge to get personal advice on the best health care options for you.