About Us

MISSION: The mission of the Organization is to provide the services, support and resources necessary to cultivate and ensure a vibrant creative community in the Triangle region of North Carolina.

Triangle ArtWorks is a new nonprofit organization building a central platform and community network to support the visual and performing arts
 and creative community across the five county Triangle region in a new, more business-centric way. This business segment is largely comprised of sole proprietors, small businesses and nonprofit arts organizations working in a broad range of disciplines from design, to film, to theater. Our goal is to create a “center- point” for this community as an industry segment, with a mission to support, promote and advocate for this community, and to increase the strength of this community by giving it a platform to come together and work as a business community.

Through our platform and network, we make it easier for the community to work together to fill gaps in support, as well as the larger business community to connect with and support the arts community. We are working collaboratively with other arts, small business and economic development groups across the Triangle to ensure that the arts community continues to be strong, diverse and financially sustainable. The arts and culture community are an important component within the Creative Economy, the development of which many see as vital to the future of the Triangle region.

ArtWorks will work across disciplines and the region to:

  • Create a website where newcomers, locals and visitors can see all the Triangle’s arts and creative community has to offer in one place and then connect quickly to that community.
  • Work with current organizations and businesses to coordinate and streamline regional arts promotion, networking, education and other activities that support this economic class.
  • Create a unified Regional arts network to make it easier for the arts community to connect with the rest of the business community, and for the arts community to network with each other for collaboration, cross-promotion and support.  This network will also help the arts business community work better on its own behalf, to advocate for the community as a whole.
  • Create a connected community of creative people and their supporters to facilitate civic engagement
  • Work to establish the Triangle as a “creative hot spot” that will attract talented and innovative workers valued in the Creative Economy.
  • Increase the economic viability of the arts and creative community, adding to the Region’s economy, while making the Triangle an even better place to live and work.

In general, ArtWorks will work on the following goals:

Connect – Through its website and programs, ArtWorks will help build and connect a community of creative individuals, groups and businesses, as well as supporters and patrons of these groups across the Triangle.  We will also enable the communication of information to and between these groups, as well as promote this community to the public.
Inform – ArtWorks will keep abreast of political or social issues that affect the creative community and communicate this information in a timely manner and, where necessary, convene the community to address the issue.
Create – ArtWorks will create programs, either alone or in collaboration with others, that will support, educate and promote the creative community in the Triangle.
Support – ArtWorks will provide easy access to information about resources already available and, where additional resources are needed, work to create and promote those resources through collaboration, or Triangle ArtWorks programs.
Promote –ArtWorks will work to create affordable methods for artists and arts groups to promote themselves, their organizations, and businesses within the Triangle community. The ArtWorks can also work as a convenor and platform for the Region to come together to promote itself and its community as an arts tourism destination.

Work to date

In its first seven years, Triangle ArtWorks accomplished much for this community, working only with volunteers and a limited budget.  2017 Annual Report give a snapshot of where Triangle ArtWorks is today.

Triangle ArtWorks – Making Arts Work for the Triangle

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