Request for Qualifications – ArtSwell Marketing Partner

Request for Qualifications for
ArtSwell Marketing Partner

RFQ Issue Date: September 10, 2019
RFQ Deadline: September 24 , 2019


Triangle ArtWorks is seeking a qualified, full-service advertising agency to guide the organization’s marketing strategy for the launch of ArtSwell, a regional cooperative professional development program to help the Triangle arts community thrive.

Background on Triangle ArtWorks

Triangle ArtWorks’ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to provide the services, support and resources necessary to cultivate and ensure a vibrant creative community in the Triangle. Since our launch in 2010, we have worked to elevate the position of the Triangle arts community, both for-profit and nonprofit, as a business sector that significantly impacts our region’s economic development and quality of life, while creating programs and services to contribute to their sustainability. Triangle ArtWorks works in all five counties of the Triangle (Wake, Durham, Orange, Chatham, Johnston) and across all artistic disciplines. Through our platform and network, we bring these diverse artists, businesses and nonprofits together as a vital regional business sector, and connect them to resources and to each other. We are an established convenor and connector, creating opportunities for other business groups to collaborate with and support local arts groups and businesses.

What is ArtSwell?

ArtSwell is a new initiative of Triangle ArtWorks designed to develop a regional collaborative professional development program to provide more diverse and robust educational opportunities to serve all disciplines and stages of career development for the Triangle region’s arts and creative sector. ArtSwell was initiated in response to requests from several of our current partner organizations to work collaboratively on professional development projects. Rather than work piecemeal or “upon request,” Triangle ArtWorks convened these Partners to discuss and develop the program and are now moving this regional project forward together. 

At this time, Triangle ArtWorks is developing ArtSwell along with eleven committed Project Partners: Durham Arts Council, Office of Raleigh Arts, United Arts of Raleigh/Wake, Town of Cary, Orange County Arts Commission, Chatham Arts Council, Visual Art Exchange, Durham Art Guild, Artspace, Hillsborough Arts Council and the North Carolina Arts Council. Although this project began with eight partners, since this Program was launched and publicized, more partners have asked to become a part of it.  All of these Partner organizations have artists professional development as part of their mission, but have recognized that a collaborative regional program is a more efficient and effective way to serve this part of their mission. To find out more about ArtSwell, read “What is ArtSwell?”

ArtSwell Launch Marketing Needs

Although the content of Artswell’s professional development programs will be important, it is also crucial to create a program that the entire Triangle arts community is aware of and looks to for the resources and training they need as a business sector. Thus, a vital element in the success of ArtSwell will be our ability to create a program that is visible, clear and recognized by the entire arts community. 

Triangle ArtWorks staff and Board of Directors will support and guide this effort, as needed, but are looking to hire a marketing partner to guide us in the development and implementation of the ArtSwell Launch Plan. Therefore, we are seeking a qualified, full-service advertising agency or team to guide the organization’s overall marketing strategy and oversee its execution for the launch of ArtSwell. Responsibilities to include: the design of the ArtSwell brand and visual identity, creation of a central website that supports the program, and a detailed plan of how to best publicize the program launch to the entire Triangle community (including the use of social media platforms, traditional media and other marketing tools). 

If you are interested in being considered for this work, please provide the following:

  1. Agency information to establish your experience in this type of work and give us an understanding of your approach to marketing campaigns.
  2. The names of the primary team members and their relevant experience and background. 

Please submit this information in pdf format to Beth Yerxa 


Beth Yerxa – Executive Director
Buffy Taylor – ArtSwell Program Support


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