Behind the Scenes @ ArtWorks – Leigh Ann Wilder

This month, we are opening the doors and inviting everyone in to see behind the scenes at Triangle ArtWorks. Meet the people that helped us get off the ground in 2010 and those working hard today to keep us running. Learn why they are giving their time and talents to build this Organization to support you – the Triangle Arts Community.


Leigh Ann WIlder and ArtWorks founder Beth Yerxa, back talking arts in a bar….how it all began. Leigh Ann Wilder

Leigh Ann Wilder

Leigh Ann was there at the beginning. Leigh Ann and ArtWorks Founder Beth Yerxa met while Beth was serving on the City of Raleigh Arts Commission and Leigh Ann on a CORAC Committee.  They spent months brainstorming around how to address some unmet needs they both saw in the Triangle’s arts community.  Togther they met and listened to people in the community and pulled together the “bones” of the idea for what is now ArtWorks.  While Beth took the idea and made it into Triangle ArtWorks, Leigh Ann was a founding Board member and served on the Strategic Planning committee.  Leigh Ann is now Arts in Communities Director at NC Arts Council and continues to be a champion for ArtWorks and sounding board for our Director.

Why are you willing to give your time/talents to support Triangle ArtWorks.

“From initial concept, Triangle ArtWorks was about collaboration and what could be realized if the arts groups in the Triangle were really talking to each other. I’ve been a board member, employee, donor, participant and volunteer among Raleigh arts groups for years. I’ve been to gatherings where the agenda was to bring Triangle arts groups together, but it was really a marketing pitch –more prescribed than organic.

The conversations about Triangle ArtWorks were wholly different from the beginning. These conversations were about vision and services and building a platform to support the creatives in the Triangle.”

Why do you think that Triangle ArtWorks is important for the Triangle arts community and the Triangle itself.

“Everybody in the arts are working at their capacity. We need an organization to help us look beyond our next event or program and take stock in the collective riches we have as an arts community. We need help building a regional identity.”

You too can support the work that Triangle ArtWorks is doing for the Triangle’s arts business community.  Donate here.  This week, your donation will be doubled in our Matching Gift Challenge!  Donate today!

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