Support ArtWorks During Our Month of “Gratitude and Giving”!

TAW_bar_tagDecember 1 kicks off a “Month of Gratitude and Giving” here at Triangle ArtWorks! It has been a remarkable and transformative year for us. We’ve come a long way since a group of volunteers began this organization in 2010.  It is time to take pride in what we have built, but also a hard look at what needs to be done to continue our work.

During this month, follow our blog and social media, as we look behind the scenes at ArtWorks to meet the hardworking people who have volunteered their time and skills to create this great organization.  


Help us Continue our Transformation!

Triangle downtown development and arts council leaders helped us design and roll out the Tool-Kit.

Triangle downtown development and arts council leaders helped us design a Tool-Kit for promoting Pop-up Arts events in underused spaces.

Much like a start-up, ArtWorks is at the developmental stage where it has proven idea, but needs “seed funding” from people who believe in – and are willing to invest in – what we are building, to take us to the next level.

This year, thanks to a grant from Duke Energy, we have begun work with a local nonprofit consultant who is working hand in hand with our Board of Directors to, basically, rebuild our Organization from the ground up. We are already seeing amazing results, but we need financial support to continue this important work.

This month, we are raising $10,000 to continue this transformation work in 2016.


  • Do you believe in the value of the arts community to the future of the Triangle? Does your business rely on this region continuing to be a vibrant place filled with a diverse range of arts experiences and creative people? Then give to support Triangle ArtWorks continued work.

    L-R - Beth Yerxa, Triangle Artworks; Cong. Alma Adams (12th District); Karen Well, Arts NC; Rebecca Scoggins, Arts & Business Council.

    ArtWorks advocates for arts locally, statewide and at the National level – Executive Director seen here with Cong Alma Adams at Arts Day 2015. She is joined by Karen Wells from Arts NC (statewide arts advocacy group) and Rebecca Scoggins from Arts & Business Council, Mecklenburg County.

  • Do you benefit from Triangle ArtWorks services? Does our website and social media feed help you stay informed and benefit your work? Have you been educated in one of our legal workshops? Have you met collaborators or colleagues at our events? Then give what you can to keep us going!

Become a part of what we are building, by giving a little or a lot, to support Triangle ArtWorks.


THE WEEK OF DECEMBER 14TH – DOUBLE YOUR DONATION! – Two donors have agreed to match your donations! Give $20, we get $40!  Give $100, we get $200!


A Transformative Year

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 8.17.17 PM

The arts are big business in the Triangle, so we believe they need to be supported as businesses. (Image from NCDCR “Measuring the NC Creative Workforce 2014 )

Volunteers have spent 5 years building this amazing platform and network to recognize, value and support the arts as a business community in the five counties of the Triangle Region. This community is a vital component within the Creative Economy, the development of which many see as vital to the future of the Triangle region. Our work is intended to help the broader community – as well as the arts community itself – shift their view of the arts from “charity” to “business sector” and to ensure that this community has the resources and support it needs to continue to thrive.

ArtWorks’ work in the community gained a lot of momentum this year, including these highlights:

  • Our first office space at the vibrant Frontier in RTP;
  • A successful Open House, bringing the entire Triangle arts community together in our new space;
  • Increased recognition of the need for the platform and network we are building;
  • Kicked off convening work for the Triangle Theater community;
  • Worked with attorneys from across the region to create Law + ArtWorks, which hosts monthly practical legal seminars and is working on longer range projects to address legal needs of the arts community.

If you are just discovering Triangle ArtWorks read more about us here and here.





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