ArtWorks collaborates with RTF to support artists in RTP

Call-for-artists-medTriangle ArtWorks office is located in the middle of RTP because the location makes it easy for us to serve artists in all five counties of the Triangle.  But also it allows us to engage the Research Triangle Park in the work we do.  RTP is a huge part of what “makes the Triangle the Triangle”.  It is full of people who live and breathe creativity and innovation, many of whom engage in an arts discipline outside of their “day jobs”.   So, having an office at the Frontier allows us to also support RTP artists and work to include more artists from around the Triangle in what is happening at RTP.

We are working with Research Triangle Foundation (“RTF” which runs RTP) on many short and long term projects and ideas for this work.  But one of the first efforts has just kicked off – The First RTP Art Show!  Jacob Newbauer of RTF just posted the following on the Frontier’s blog, so I am just going to repost it here (especially since a lot of the language came from me!).

The Research Triangle Foundation (“RTF”) has partnered with Triangle ArtWorks on the first annual RTP Employee Art Exhibition. The show will be held at The Frontier, from February 11 to March 11, 2016 and will showcase art created by employees across Research Triangle Park. In an effort to elevate the show, we will have Dr. Larry Wheeler, Director of the North Carolina Museum of Art, serving as the sole juror. There will also be cash prizes awarded to top entries.

Our team wanted to highlight the incredible creativity of RTP employees beyond what happens in research labs and entrepreneurial ventures. There is growing data that artistic creativity and scientific innovation inform one another, and we want to create a venue to express that connection.

RTP has long been recognized for amazing innovations and discoveries that happen here in the areas of science and technology, but we also recognize that among these scientists and techies there are sculptors, painters, and mixed-media artists. Bob Geolas, president and CEO of Research Triangle Foundation continuously states, “We are dreamers, believers, planners and creators. We imagine what the world could be and then roll up our sleeves and make it so.” In order to achieve this, we are aiming to increase the presence of creative thinking in RTP to include more than test tubes and pipets, but also the kind of creativity that comes across on canvas.

We recognize that the creative spirit that exists within geneticists and programmers is the same creativity that makes great artists. Our goal is to spotlight what is happening in RTP while also spurring new thought and innovation by recognizing artists that already at work within RTP companies. The RTP Employee Art Exhibition is the first event in this effort. At this time eligibility is limited to RTP employees in order to emphasize the creativity found within the 40,000 people working here each day. Our hope is that this show will spur many subsequent programs that will be open to all members of the art community, and those that have an interest in the arts. Future initiatives will be aimed at creating a place for arts in RTP prior to the completion of the Park Center development. It’s our hope that these opportunities will give artists across our great state a literal and figurative venue to show off their own form of innovation.

To view the full call for work and submission instructions, click here.


Submission deadline: December 21, 2015 by 11:59 p.m
Notification of acceptance: January 11, 2016
Delivery of accepted work: January 25 and 26, 2016 times to be announced upon notification
Exhibition dates: February 11 through March 11, 2016
Opening reception: February 11, 2016 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Pick up of work: March 13-15, 2016 times to be announced upon notification

So help us spread the word to your friends in RTP!


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Beth Yerxa says:

Teddy, yes, you have to be a current RTP employee. I know you have long been involved in RTP and RTP activities, so I hate that this affects you this way, but we had to create terms…and stick with them, as I am sure you can understand! Here are the guidelines: