Introducing Triangle ArtWorks!

Welcome to the Triangle ArtWorks website! –

”The Centerpoint of the Creative Triangle”

Our goal is to create a virtual platform to connect creatives from all sides of the Triangle via discussion forums, blogs, feature articles and a clearinghouse for regional resources. The site will also be a place to keep up with news and other changing information that will help you to be more engaged in your community.

Why do we need a new organization?  That one is easy …. there simply is no cross-discipline, region-wide arts organization in the Triangle and we sorely need one.   Although Richard Florida called the Triangle one of the country’s most creative regions, we know we really are many separate towns and cities, with different governments, infrastructures and communities and even multiple arts councils.  It is difficult for members of the various creative disciplines in this segmented area to share information and learn of resources. Often, the arts support organizations already in place struggle to reach a larger audience to make their efforts successful. The community needs an overarching support network that will connect creative people to the support services that already exist, as well as work to provide support and resources, where such are lacking in the region.  There simply needs to be a better way to connect.

The lack of a regional support network also keeps the creative community disengaged from actions being considered by local governments, which may affect their work or the general artistic nature of their community. There is no place to come together to push for changes that may help the community, or learn how to have input on efforts already being proposed by local governments. Likewise, there is no easy way for local governments to reach out to the community quickly to gain support of efforts they are making. Triangle ArtWorks will work to fill this void.

But it takes a community to build a community, so it is going to take a grassroots effort to get this off the ground.  We need your help. I  will be blogging more in the next few weeks about our specific needs, but for now, go to About Us and find out more about what types of things we want to do, check out the Directory and Resources sections and see what information we have there and tell us what we need to add, and go to the How You Can Help page and find out other ways you can help us get started.

So spread the word, join us on Facebook and Twitter and suggest it to your friends and colleagues.  If you are part of an organization, spread the word on your newsletters and websites. Be a part of the Triangle ArtWorks community and help make us a success. We need to make it work, so that you can work better.

Beth Yerxa

Executive Director

Contact me at


Winston Bowden says:

Congratulations. This is an incredible resource for artists and art lovers throughout the Triangle area.

Kerry says:

I can’t wait to see the difference ArtWorks makes in our community. Thank you, Beth for all your hard work.

This organization and this site has been a long time coming! It feels great to see this idea become a reality!

What a great resource!

Nice site and great text.